Building or Remodeling?
As of April 22, 2010 EPA lead paint rules must be followed.
Is your home being renovated, repaired or painted?  Was it built before 1978?  
If the answer to both of these questions is 'YES', 
there are some important things you need to know about lead-based paint.

Facts you should know about lead:

  • Lead can affect children's brains and developing nervous systems, causing reduced IQ, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.  Lead is also harmful to adults.

  • Lead in dust is the most common way people are exposed to lead.  People can also get lead in their bodies from lead in soil or paint chips.  Lead dust is often invisible.

  • Lead based paint was used in more than 38 million homes until it was banned for residential use in 1978.

  • Projects rhat disturb lead-based paint can create dust and endanger you and your family.  Don't let this happen to you. 

1-2-1 Designs is an EPA certified renovation firm under section 402 of TSCA. If your house was built before 1978, you should assume your house has lead-based paint.   EPA certified professional remodelers are trained to work safely around lead paint hazards, protecting their workers and your family from unnecessary health risks.   Read the EPA booklet "Renovate Right" and ask to see your remodeler's EPA credentials before you sign a contract.

click here for "Renovate Right" booklet in PDF format

For more information follow the links below

Lead Health Effects                                       CDC Lead Prevention Branch


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